CEO Message 

   Since the foundation of Baoding Dazhengs led lighting. in 2004, Dazhengs Group has continued its’ evolution. While sharing the “Power Valley”Spirit, we are operating in markets around the world where our products have established a major presence in led lighting.

   Whether it is from the LED lighting application technology, or to the production of LED lighting products, Baoding Dazhengs companies in the domestic counterparts, have a certain influence and visibility, technical level has always been in the advanced ranks of LED lighting applications.

   Baoding Dazheng company uphold: Quality first, Customer first, and Actively develop and firmly develop the purpose of management is the fundamental business, innovation is the soul of the enterprise, the quality of the lives of enterprises, employees are the management of the concept of wealth to face the future , To build China's LED industry aircraft carrier, building LED leading enterprises and make unremitting efforts and struggle.

   We look forward to your continued support.

CEO Message    
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